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Welcome to Captain Trips Music Page!

Much of the music on this page has been remixed by  either myself or   by Chimera, my wife.

Hopefully, you will find something you like!

The page is kinda categorized. It can be as disjointed as my mind! Feel free to look  around and download what you want. Clicking on a link should bring up your music player


On to the music, because as they say, the show must go on!

The music you are listening to is "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora. Me Tarzan, You Jane, Him Boy, Him Cheetah, It Listerine!

Grab a vine and let's swing, baby! Tarzan say "Captain Trips definitely spend too much time in front of funny box with pictures. Him Crazy!"



Pop Music:

In The Navy -- The Village People

YMCA -- The Village People

Tubthumping -- Chumbawumba

American Pie -- Don Mclean (A Classic!)

Ghostbusters -- Ray Parker Jr. (I LOVE This song!)

Listen to the Music -- The Doobie Brothers

China Grove -- The Doobie Brothers

Celebration -- Kool and the Gang

The Devil Went Down to Georgia -- Charlie Daniels Band

Karma Chameleon -- Culture Club

1999 -- The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Tie a Yellow Ribbon -- Tony Orlando and Dawn (Why? Simply because Tony Orlando is a survivor who went through absolute hell in his life)

Music sequenced by Don Carroll:

Don is one of the most talented sequencers in the world. Just listen to some of his work and you'll know why he gets a section to himself. Thanks Don!


Spanish Flea

Lonely Bull

Taste of Honey

Tijuana Taxi

Mexican Shuffle (This song was used by Clark's Teaberry gum in their commercials in the 60's and became better known as the Teaberry Shuffle)

This Guy's In Love With You  Herb Alpert's debut as a singer. He should stick to the horn!

Whipped Cream  Do you remember "The Dating Game"? This was one of two TJB songs used on the show.

Lollipops and Roses This was the other TJB song on "The Dating Game"

Casino Royale Does anyone remember this James Bond spoof starring Peter Sellers as James Bond?


Turn The Beat Around -- Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine

Under the Boardwalk -- The Drifters

Baby Elephant Walk -- Henry Mancini

King of the Road -- Roger Williams


Mack the Knife -- Bobby Darin

Men In Black --  Will Smith (This dude is awesome)